Great Flies for Trout Lake Season

Great Flies for Trout Lake Season

It is officially March and in our region the trout lakes begin to light up as the water starts to warm and a few bugs start to show.  If you haven't done a lot of lake fishing for trout, lakes offer larger fish on average than most rivers. They can be every bit as challenging and rewarding as rivers but lakes don't give up their secrets as easily as rivers do. This makes them a fun challenge for the observant and persistent angler. The prize at the end is often big fish and good numbers of them.

If you're looking for great flies for your trout lake trip, check out the following areas of our website.  

Stillwater Trout Fly Selection - Pre-selected flies to cover a wide range of conditions. Perfect for matching important hatches and covering the most common scenarios on the lake.

Stillwater Trout - This area of our website covers tons of popular stillwater trout patterns all clumped together.  

Chironomids - The Chironomid section narrows things down to these important bugs. Chironomids are particularly important on stillwater trout lakes in the spring when the water gets to about 50-degrees. Great fun when the fish are on them!

Damsels and Dragons - As we get further into spring and early summer, damselflies and dragonflies will gain momentum on the trout menu. There aren't many fly fishing scenarios more fun that when trout are cruising for damselfly nymphs in the shallows and there are plenty of patterns here to get the job done.

Leeches - Don't forget about leeches! Fish these deep on a full-sinking fly line and get ready for action just about any time of the year.

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  • Michael Bennett