Shipping Flies Perfect Every Time

Shipping Flies Perfect Every Time

Nothing is more frustrating than ordering something online only to receive it damaged because it wasn't packaged properly for shipping.  At BigTimeFlies, we understand and agree.  Quality flies are little works of art in our eyes and, not only do crushed flies not look as good, many patterns also won't fish they way they are supposed to if they are kinked, or flattened, etc.  

When you order from BigTimeFlies, know that your flies are packaged with attention to detail and respect for our products and for you, our customers.  Our flies are shipped either in small, plastic boxes with foam linings or are carefully inserted into zip-lock bags for large flies and articulated flies. 

Dry flies, nymphs and small streamers almost always do best in the small, plastic boxes..  For large fly orders, we'll ship all your flies in a larger plastic box, all arranged like a perfect little army of flies. We get lots of comments on how awesome our flies look when they arrive!

Flies like large saltwater streamers, steelhead marabous, and many articulated streamers tend to ship better in a zip-lock bag.  Multiple flies stored together in a zip-lock back with the air pushed out keeps the flies straight and doesn't allow the fly to bounce around and tangle marabou or synthetic fibers.  The largest flies we sell, like offshore billfish flies and musky flies, almost always come in their own, individual packaging and will ship that way to you.

Whatever quantity and styles of flies you buy, know that we're looking out for you and your flies until they reach your doorstep.  They were our flies before they became your flies and we want them to look perfect!


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