Best Flies for Baby Tarpon: 12 Great Flies for High Flying Action

Best Flies for Baby Tarpon:  12 Great Flies for High Flying Action

Baby tarpon are aggressive, acrobatic, and their willingness to take flies has anglers all over the world flying to destinations to chase this smaller silver king.  Locations in Mexico such as Campeche and Holbox, as well as lodges such as Isla de Sabalo and Tarpon Cay Lodge all come to mind and bring back great memories of past trips.  Mangroves in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico offer excellent hiding places and also offer great fly fishing for baby tarpon.

Baby tarpon typically range in size from 5- to 20-pounds and are tremendous fun on an 8-weight rod and floating line.  Flies need to be durable with sharp hooks, near neutral density, and the correct profile.  Hook sizes of 1/0 & 2/0 are usually most appropriate.  Have a hook file with you as you want that hook point as sharp as possible.  Have your baby tarpon box loaded with multiple color offerings.  Do not forget to add a few topwater flies as well to really get your adrenaline really pumping.

Here is a list of baby tarpon flies we have fished with success plus a few other well-known and proven patterns.

EP Peanut Butter - Black/Purple
EP Peanut Butter - Black/Red
EP Peanut Butter - Chartreuse/White
EP Everglades Special
Black Death
Megalopsicle - Black/Purple
Megalopsicle - Chartreuse/Yellow
Megalopsicle - Tan/Orange
Tequila Popper
RIO's Guido Shrimp - Black
RIO's Guido Shrimp - Tan
Tarpon Toad - Purple

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  • Ben Zander